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  • Yin Yang Charm - Sterling Silver YinYang Necklace

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    Sterling Silver Yin Yang Charm. The yin and yang symbol has deep meaning in the Chinese culture. This easily recognizable symbol represents how opposite forces are interconnected, and dependent of one another. The flowing lines shows how the two sides are continuously transforming into each other. One could not exist without the other, for each contains the essence of the other. Night becomes day, and day becomes night. Overall, this symbolizes a perfect balance.

    This small charm measures 13mm long x 8mm across x 1mm thick, and was cast and hand finished in Thailand.

    MAKE IT A NECKLACE: You can add a sturdy handmade sterling silver chain for a discounted price compared to purchasing separately in my shop! Price in parenthesis is additional for the chain.

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    *Blessings and Light*