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  • Tiger Spirit Charm - Sterling Silver Tiger Necklace

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    Sterling Silver Tiger Spirit Animal Charm. A Spirit Animal or Power Animal, represents the "life force" or soul of the animal which appear to humans through dreams and meditations to share their wisdom. The tiger symbolizes courage and willpower. Having this animal in your life encourages you to harness your inner strength and trust your intuition to help you overcome challenges. The speed and agility of the tiger reminds us to tackle life's problems quickly and passionately.

    Don't hesitate...pounce! Let this tiger unleash a new power or passion within you. GRRR!

    This tiger charm measures 21.5mm x 15mm x 1mm (about 5/8" across) and was cast and hand finished in Thailand.

    MAKE IT A NECKLACE: You can add a sturdy handmade sterling silver chain or leather cord for a discounted price compared to purchasing separately in my shop! Price in parenthesis is additional for the chain.

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    *Blessings and Light*