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  • Magnetic Clasp Sterling Silver Chain - Hand Assembled

    Let me tell you why I am SO excited about this chain! Small clasps are difficult for some people to maneuver, so a magnetic clasp is a fantastic alternative, BUT the magnet is too large to be able to switch out the charm you wear on the chain.

    I have designed this chain to have your choice of a spring ring clasp OR a lobster clasp you can use while the chain is in front of you (where it will be easier to use). This is where you will put your charm onto the chain. Then, when you want to put the chain around your neck, you will use the magnetic clasp, being careful to open the clasp like a book rather than pulling on the chain to separate the two halves. Your charm will not fall off the end of the chain when the magnetic clasp is open!

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas.

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    *Blessings and Light*